Description / Enner

We are launching a new project with the main goal to bring new possibilities of sound extraction and self-expression. A line of machines which are direct transmitters of emotional energy. The first prototype is ready to be shown.

I had got the idea of the synth while I was listening to the track of  danish sound-artist SiSTOR:

I thought that we need more flexible instruments for such artists and started to think about how it could be realized. We got in an art-dialogue and decided to try to make the synth together. Here is the result.

Despite this is just the very beginning, you can drop us a mail to somasynths [at] with feedback or inform us about your interest in such machines and we will put you to the waiting and mailing list. So you will be one of the first owners of ready synths. Please put to the subject line “ENNER” and mention the country where you want the synth to be delivered to and your phone number (it could be useful if our emails go to spam).

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